Applying for RentBond is easy, and no credit check is required. Paying your rental bond in smaller, monthly instalments lets you save money for more important things, like enjoying your new home.

> You might also like: 6 Tips To Avoid Having Your Personal Loan Rejected has a very basic set of criteria you must meet to apply for RentBond:  

The property must be listed on RentBond is exclusive to, so the property you’re renting must be listed on the website to start your application. If your address can’t be found, please contact’s Customer Care team at, join our Live Chat or call 1300 736 810.

You must be approved for the property. Before you apply for RentBond, ensure you have been approved for your rental property by your real estate agent. The reason for this is pretty simple – the first monthly payment must be made straight away once you are approved for RentBond.

The property must be managed by a real estate agent: RentBond can be used for any property listed on by a registered real estate agent in Australia. RentBond can’t be used for properties rented through a private landlord.

You are aged 18 years or over: To apply for a RentBond loan through, you need to be 18 years of age or older.

On government benefits? To be eligible for a RentBond loan, no more than 50% of your income can be from a government benefit.

Your income must be sufficient to service the loan: As a responsible lender, we want to ensure you're not over-committing yourself, so you'll be asked to verify your ability to meet the loan repayments as part of the application process. 

Top tip: Your first payment must be made via credit or debit card when you apply for RentBond. The decision to accept the RentBond product is up to the individual agency.

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