Want to book a time to view / inspect a rental property you've seen on Rent.com.au? You can get in touch with the property manager (agent) or landlord that is managing the property.

How to organise a time to view the property

  • Click the 'Enquire' button below the photos on the ad; or
  • Click the 'Book inspection' button (if available) on the same ad.

Once you've clicked, you'll be prompted to enter your contact details and a message to send the property manager.

If you haven't heard back from the property manager within 24 hours about an inspection time, give the property manager or their office a call to follow up.

How do I find the agent's contact details?

If you aren't sure how to find the contact details for the property manager looking after a property:

  • Enter the property manager's name or office name into Google and look for a contact number on the search results or their office website; or
  • Send us a message on Live Chat and ask for help finding this information.

While you wait, check out the Rent Blog - it's packed with tips and advice you might find useful 👍

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