Creating a Renter Resume 

I've found my perfect rental property, but it's on another website. Can I still use my Renter Resume to apply for it?

If you find a rental property on another property website and wish to use your Renter Resume to apply for the property on instead, get in touch with us.

  • Start a Live Chat with our team using the blue button in the bottom right hand corner of this page
  • Flick an email to; or
  • Call 1300 736 810.

We can check to see if this property is listed on 

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Can I edit or change my Renter Resume to suit different property ads?

You can edit your Renter Resume at any time, as many times as you like.

How much does it cost to have a Renter Resume?

The Renter Resume is completely free at this point in time.

Why does Renter Resume ask me for so much information? I'm not comfortable sharing everything.

The information you will be prompted to enter into Renter Resume is standard tenancy application information. Your prospective landlord or property manager will need to verify your ID and use your income information to reasonably assume you can meet your financial obligations.

I've changed my mind, I no longer need a Renter Resume. Can I delete it from my account?

You can delete your Renter Resume at any time if you no longer have a need for it.

Enquiries and applications with Renter Resume

How many properties can I apply for using my Renter Resume?

Once you've filled out your Renter Resume, you can apply for as many rental properties as you like. There is no limit on how many enquiries or applications you can send.

How can I view the properties I've applied for?

Once you've signed in to your account, you can view the property details on your Dashboard.

Purchasing RentCheck through Renter Resume

I haven't done a RentCheck. Will this lower my chances of being approved for a rental?

We highly recommend you optimise your Renter Resume to increase your chances of securing your rental property of choice through The property manager or landlord may still do a tenancy check on you. Completing a RentCheck upfront and including it with your application means you'll be aware of any issues before you send in your application. It may increase your chances of getting your property of choice.

Get support

I'm having issues with my Renter Resume, what do I do? 

If you run into trouble with your Renter Resume, start a Live Chat with our team using the blue button in the bottom right hand corner, flick an email to or call 1300 736 810.

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