What is the Smart Plan?

Under Rent.com.au's industry-first "Leased or it's Free" model (the Smart Plan), property managers can list their rental properties with the biggest ads, on Rent.com.au, and will only pay for a listing when they find and approve a tenant through Rent.com.au.

These FAQ's are designed to explain how the new Smart Plan will benefit you and your real estate agency. Be sure to read them thoroughly. If you have any questions, call us on 1300 736 810 oragents@rent.com.au.

What benefits does the Smart Plan offer?

Here's what you get with the Rent Smart Plan:

  • Our biggest ad size: All your listings will be enhanced to our largest format advertisement, with large photo. Your agency branding will also appear on all your listings and search results, plus email alerts.
  • Old listings that go past 15 days on market are automatically pushed back to the start of the search results.
  • Tenant guarantee: If we don't find you a tenant, your listing is free. Simple.
  • Unlimited RentReports – our real-time suburb rental trend stats.
  • Major point of difference: Benefits all your Landlords
  • Promote your agency: Under the Rent.com.au Smart Plan, you'll get:
  • A Business Profile page, promoting your property management services to landlords looking for a property manager, together with links to all your listings on Rent.com.au.
  • Fully branded listing in the 'Find a Property Manager' search, for landlords looking to appoint a property manager

How does the Smart Plan work and how much does it cost?

The Rent.com.au Smart Plan offers you and your property management team premium advertising at no upfront cost – and you will pay a low advertising fee of $75 for the property only when an approved tenant is sourced through Rent.com.au. No tenant, no charge!

When you approve a tenant, we will check to see if they enquired or applied through Rent.com.au. If this was the case, we will send you a confirmation email. Your office will receive an invoice for any approved tenants who were sourced through Rent.com.au.

You only pay the fee for the property, so even if there is more than 1 tenant on the lease, you only pay the one fee.

Need more information? Call Rent.com.au's Customer Service team on 1300 736 810 for pricing details to help you get started.

What if I got the tenant from somewhere other than rent.com.au?

We understand that you will get tenants through other sources. If you are on the Smart Plan our policy is you only pay for tenants you sourced through your advertising on rent.com.au. If you find you have a tenant apply via rent.com.au, and you were already contacted by the tenant earlier from somewhere else, you will not have to pay.

You can contact our Customer Care team to discuss any issue.

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