Am I eligible to receive a $100 Gift Card? 

To qualify for the free Gift Card, you need to enquire and apply for a property displaying the Gift Card icon through, and be accepted for that property. 

What if I didn’t apply through Am I still eligible? 

No, you won’t be eligible if you didn’t apply for the property through our site. 

My agent doesn’t accept applications from What do I do? 

Still complete the application for the property via The agent may ask you to complete an alternate application for their records, but you’ll still be eligible for the $100 Gift Card if you’re successful in renting the property.

How do I claim? 

Once you’ve been accepted for the rental property, come back to and follow the process from this page. You will be asked to provide some details, including your move-in date. We’ll need to verify this with your property manager, which can take a few days, but as soon as we verify your new address, we’ll text and email you with info on how to redeem your Gift Card. 

Where can I use the Gift Card? 

The Gift Card is redeemable with 18 major retailers across Australia. When you redeem your Gift Card, you will be able to select from any of these retailers, or a combination of them. 

Do I have to spend it one location?

No, you can redeem the $100 value across more than one retailer. 

How long do I have to apply? 

The $100 Gift Card is advertised on selected properties until those properties are leased and are no longer advertised on the site. 

Where can I get more information?

You can email us at or call us on 1300 736 810. 

Is the Gift Card transferable? 

No, the Gift Card can only be claimed by the person who has registered on and found a rental through Once you’ve redeemed the card, you are free to give it others if you choose. 

What if I apply directly through the agent, and not on 

The Gift Card is only available to renters who have found a property through – that means they have enquired and applied for the property through, and been accepted for the property by the property manager. 

Why is the offer only available on some properties and not all? 

The offer is dependent on the Property Manager electing to take part in the promotion. Not all agents have opted in, so not all properties will contain the $100 Gift Card offer. 

Why are there no properties in my suburb with the $100 Gift Card offer? 

This simply means that no agents operating within your suburb have opted-in to the offer. Feel free to ask them to contact us so they can take part. 

What if we are applying as a couple / housemates and get approved for the property - can we get a $100.00 Gift Card each? 

No, the $100.00 Gift Card offer is one per property. 

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